Why Radio Needs to Embrace Billboard Hot 100 and Digital Streaming

KOP explains the history, importance, and relevance of the Billboard Hot 100 since the beginning of the rock era and how it was integral to radio’s success at one time.

Billboard Hot 100

KOP compares how new music is treated by radio today by simply looking at how bad the American Top 40 chart has swayed away from what people listen to today in reality via digital streaming instead of the radio.

Plus, KOP talks about how much tv is out there to consume each week, as in way too much.

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Master Composer Robert Miller; Slow Death of Corporate Radio

KOP welcomes Master Composer Robert Miller, plus we look at the real factors that have led to a Slow Death of Corporate Radio.

Robert Miller

KOP speaks with Robert Miller, a master composer with over 25 years experience in film, TV, and the concert hall. He provided the soundtrack for the recently Oscar-nominated documentary short, Knife Skills. Robert’s work has garnered him seven CLIO awards, two AICP awards, and two collective Emmys. Most recently, Robert’s music appeared on ESPN’s award-winning “30 for 30” documentary series and in the American Museum of Natural History’s planetarium show narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Plus, a review of Ready Player One and a preview of Chappaquidick.